Stardust Centauri Necklace

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Finish: Gold

Named after the Omega Centauri: One of the few star clusters in the Milky Way, which can be seen with the unaided eye. This necklace is crafted with Botswana agate, Hematite and finished with a stunning Stardust pendant.

Botswana Agate is a type of Chalcedony. It is banded in shades of brown, grey and even some layers of muted apricot colour. This gemstone is believed to vibrate to a slow frequency making it a perfect gemstone to wear while meditating. Wear this necklace on those days that you need to be reminded to slow down.

Also available in silver and in bracelet form.

  • Each of our Stardust necklaces come with a description card, wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a compostable sticker, and placed in a natural cotton jewellery bag.
  • Measurements: 40cm long + extension chain.
  • The Stardust pendant is made from 925 sterling silver, then layered with copper to help the final thick layer (1-3 micron) of yellow gold/grey rhodium, stick better.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We work with professional photographers to best capture the detail & finish of each item. A slight variation in colour & pattern are to be expected from natural gemstones. No two VANIA pieces are ever identical for this reason - How special is that? However, if you are unsure about the shade, size and texture of a specific item, send us an email to and we will happily assist you.
  • DISCLAIMER: All metaphysical properties attributed to the gemstones sold by VANIA are based on ancient folklore and traditional uses. Our jewellery is NOT intended to treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice. In saying that, at VANIA we believe that gemstones serve as amulets and gentle daily reminders of our connection to mother nature & the present moment.

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