Amuleto Tiger's Eye Bracelet for Men - Small bead

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Finish: Goldfilled

Strung by hand with Tiger’s Eye and love. This gemstone is highly regarded as a stone of good luck. Throughout history tiger’s eye was also said to be a protective stone and was worn by Roman soldiers as an amulet. Said to be the stone that heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity, by wearing this piece be reminded of your abilities and talents. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what we need to fix and we find ourselves in a space where we feel drained, tired and lacking a bit of passion for what you do. When you wear this piece be reminded that when you feel like that it’s okay, remember why you started and why you were so passionate to begin with. This piece a reminder to do what you love and love what you do.


  • Handmade in New Zealand with A grade quality Tiger’s Eye beads.
  • Tiger’s Eye can be found in The United States, Mexico, India, Australia and South Africa.
  • Each of our Amuleto bracelets comes with a gemstone description card, beautifully wrapped with tissue paper in a natural cotton jewellery bag. 
Measurements: Our Standard size bracelet is 19 cm. However, If you would like your bracelet any larger or smaller, simply let us know your preferred length in the comments section before you check out

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